Sunset Bubblewrap “Ascent”


The ascent to the surface brings with it a bitter sweet moment. As I exhale I watch large bubbles form and burst into hundreds of smaller variations as they overtake me in their race to the surface. I do not wish to beat them, the sooner I arrive at the surface the sooner my experience is over. Emerging from behind a cloud the sun’s rays give each bubble a halo. Ripples on the surface now become visible and I feel a warmth in the light near the surface. Diving offers a moment of complete escapism from our world. 

These pieces evolve as I gain experience in diving. I’m fascinated by observations of how colour and light are effected at various depths and how this effects the state of mind.

Bubblewrap vase in Scarlet. Dimensions: 34 cm tall, 30 cm wide Oval


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