A floral design incorporating sterling silver leaf to enhance the petals giving them a delicate and yet tactile feel. Coloured glass applications then compliment the design with a lattice work of pin head bubbles trapped in the heart of the flowerhead. Available in a variety of colours and sizes.

A range of bowls and platters that combine sterling silver leaf and bold streaks of colour. These are available in a variety of colour combinations.

Here are the results of Allister Malcolm and Helen Millard’s Instructor’s Collaborative residency at Corning Museum of Glass (NY). The residency provided the artists with the opportunity to develop a range of pieces using a technique which has been overlooked for years.

Handcrafted blown oval vessels. At over 1000 degrees these are coated in a layer of sterling silver leaf which then fractures beautifully as the molten glass is blown.

Aerial shots of Africa taken through different seasons inspired this range of bottles. These bottles are of a heavy weight which adds to the optical quality and gives these creations a real presence.

The book “The Sea Lady” by H.G.Wells inspired this heavily patterned range which incorporates sterling silver leaf and layers of coloured glass. A wide range of dishes, platters and bottles are available.

Oval in their shape these pieces have coloured fluid stripes describing the form whilst contemporary cutting work compliments the look. The cuts are carefully placed in response to the way that the coloured stripes have merged during the hot glass making part of the process. As a result each piece is unique!

The Golden Trailing range has become a long standing favourite amongst clients. The colourful vessels are adorned with a glass trail which has been coloured in a way to give the impression that it is actually a gold wire.

Heavily patterned components covered in precious metals are processed over a few days to create this range of work with some details actually suspended within glass forever.

warning - candles should never be allowed to burn down within the glass - (not tempered glass).

Fond memories of fossil hunting at Whitby as a child inspired these pieces. These are created by controlling the way glass fractures when cold water is applied at hot temperatures. The rock like forms have a solid lustred glass ammonite mounted on top.

These playful bottles are designed to look like they are diving in to whichever surface you place them on. The fish tail itself forming the stopper.

These pieces are produced over a number of days to create a cloak of glass which can be wrapped around these figurative bottles. No two characters are ever the same.

Through the Looking Glass



Inspiration was taken from a mirror in the collection at Broadfield House Glass Musuem.  Allister has played with a combination of the distorted image and the reflections on a three dimension shape. Cutting through overlays of colour, these are stunning one offs.

Turning the heat up on the furnace allows the molten glass to become more fluid and to then be ladled and poured in to handmade moulds. Intricate pattern work is carefully created and positioned within the moulds prior to the ladling process. These details become submerged within the molten glass during the cast process to create impressive sculptures.

Giftware by Allister Malcolm includes items for all occasions.

Allister thrives on the challenge of developing new concepts and enjoys the whole process (whether it be for galleries and collectors or corporate clients). Allister is continuously experimenting with techniques that are new to him. There are always developmental pieces to see in the studio illustrating that the artist is always progressing. Examples of some of these successful show pieces and commission can be seen here.




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